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released April 1, 2011



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Kayaks Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Mosquitoes
My only wish for you, my only wish for you is a certainty beyond me
My only wish for us, my only wish for us is a certainty, beyond we
I'm shooing away mosquitoes and the fireflies
I'm shooing away intentions behind your eyes
My only gift to you, my only gift to you is a tapestry of love scenes
Your only gift to me, your only gift to me is a symphony of obscenities
My love my love my love my love my love
Track Name: Finest Crown
It's not that it's almost over, baby, it's more that it's just begun
And I know we are the ones, taking time to comfort everyone
The veterans from October, relearn how to shoot their guns
'Cause they know they are the ones, killing time before killing time comes
Don't seek what you can't see, don't take what you can't keep
You're never gonna live it down, you're running for the highest ground
Like sibling rivalry, such notions ill conceived
You're broken by the smallest sound, you're looking for the finest crown
I'm pulling your body closer baby, 'cause nobody's having fun
But we know we are the ones, practicing charades for everyone
Track Name: Snakecharmer
Got places to go and people to meet
'Cause you can't trust a voice you can't see
Been gone for so long you forgot about me
Guess you can't see the woods for the trees
Spent some time on the underground
Chasing our tails like we're dogs
Pitched our tents in that dirty town
Where I can't admit I was wrong
Got rumors to tell and secrets to keep
'Cause you can't sow the seeds you won't reap
Displacement will show, so keep it discreet
'Cause you're stuck counting days by the week
Fall asleep when we're homeward bound
Feeling our way through the fog
Pitched our tents in that dirty town
Where I can't admit I was wrong
I know I am to blame but I still don't feel ashamed
It's clear that things will stay the same 'cause I am slow to change
Track Name: Demons, Be Gone
There's never a moment unrehearsed
There's always some way to break a curse
When I saw you there, looking like you'd been misused
My only though was "did you hear the news?"
Ooooh la la la
We're turning your house into a church
We're taking the fight where spirits lurk
I brought a bottle of wine for us to drink
But your cup of salvation's dirty in the sink
Gone, demons be gone, demons be free
And let my darling be
Track Name: That Road
There's a sign across the overpass, it's says "soldier, welcome home," but the problem is that he drives too fast as he keeps both eyes on the road
That road, that open road, I've been told, it can grow you old
That road, that lonely road, I've been told, it can grow you old
All the banners hanging at half-mast, mourning people they don't know, with a gunshot kiss they can seal our paths 'til we reach their side of the road
Are you taking care of little ones? Are they doing more than fine? Are you tucking in your little ones? They're supposed to be designed.